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May 04, 2006

Jesus: Divine or Da Vinci? A Biblical Response to 'The Da Vinci Code'

Is Jesus the Divine Son of God as recorded in the New Testament? Or is Jesus a mortal man as identified in the popular book The Da Vinci Code? Mahoney Media Group Inc. presents “Jesus: Divine or Da Vinci?”, an invaluable resource and powerful defense of biblical Christianity. The “Jesus: Divine or Da Vinci?” DVD can be found in Christian bookstores nationwide and is also distributed internationally.

Attacks on the foundations of the Christian faith have stirred a firestorm of debate over the validity of the New Testament. This new DVD addresses the integrity and historicity of the New Testament documents and shows that they are based upon eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ ministry and miracles, and that they have the greatest levels of integrity of all ancient literature. It clearly presents the logical, historical and scientific evidence for believing in the person of Jesus Christ and is easy to understand yet entertaining.

“Christianity is a historical faith – basing its truth on the claim that we can know God exists because He came to earth physically as the man Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago...if that’s not true, then the very heart of Christianity is torn out and Christianity fails to be the unique religion that it is because of these claims of the incarnation of Jesus Christ,” said Dr. Donald A. Bierle, President of Faith Studies International and national speaker. In this DVD, Dr. Bierle exposes and refutes the fallacies in The Da Vinci Code by using historical texts and archaeological discoveries. Dr. Bierle has advanced degrees in both the life sciences (M.A. and Ph.D.) and New Testament studies (M.A.). Dr. Bierle has authored several books and video series including two practical apologetic books on faith, Surprised by Faith and FaithSearch.

Source: Press Release

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