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April 11, 2006

How Bees Fly

No, bees do not look aerodynamic and some even fly with their legs (landing gear) down. However, scientists have now discovered method to this madness.

Orchid bees swing their hind legs forward to reach top speed, a new study finds. The legs also generate lift, which keeps the bees balanced and helps prevent rolling.

"The hind legs resemble airplane wings, which probably explains why they also generate lift," said Stacey Combes of the University of California, Berkeley.

The explanation for how bees fly turns out to be much more exotic than originally thought. This, however, didn't keep evolutionists from slamming intelligent design proponents:

Proponents of intelligent design, or ID, have tried in recent years to promote the idea of a supreme being by discounting science because it can't explain everything in nature.
Frankly, this appears to be a misguided criticism. ID would say that evolution does not explain the devlopment of a bees flight mechanism. Te current investigation suggests that the case against evolution as explaining the more exotic flight mechanism is even stronger.

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