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August 29, 2004

Predictable Distortion and Fear

Despite changing trends that indicate a reduction in energy usage per capita (and carbon dioxide output), environmentalists continue to scare the public about imminent doom [more]. “If governments fail to act, . . . the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will triple in 50 years. Keeping it below a doubling is a heroic task,” states one notable researcher.

What these individuals continually fail to consider is that linear models that assume exponentially increasing consumption of energy and production of carbon dioxide fail on the basis of their assumptions.

Research papers that argue against the end-of-the-world scenarios are difficult to shepherd through to publication even as problems with submissions touting apocalyptic scenarios either are glossed over or ignored.

Let us not respond in fear to reports of destruction and doom but rather consider carefully the stewardship man has been given over the earth and trust that God is imminent in the working together of all things according to His good pleasure. More...

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