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April 27, 2004

The Miraculous Appearance of Age

At a wedding feast Jesus’ first recorded miracle was turning water into wine. In fact, it was “fine” wine. The historicity of this event is not in question because Jesus is capable of performing the miraculous. He did so on numerous occasions before witnesses. From a scientific perspective, one might ask, “How long did it take Jesus to turn the water into wine?” Perhaps a scientist at the wedding, who tasted the wine and was not informed about its miraculous origin, would consider this very question. He might understand the necessary steps of fermentation and aging required to produce the fine wine and would postulate a fairly significant time period for its production– probably at least one year. If he were told that the wine was only minutes old he would scoff and confidently assert, based on his experience, that the scientific principles behind fermentation and aging would make this impossible.

In this hypothetical situation, the scientist lacked a fundamental presupposition that was necessary for deriving the truth. A similar situation exists today in modern science.

By its very nature, miraculous creation bears an appearance of age that will confound scientific endeavors that do not consider God as the creator. Of course the universe has an appearance of age. It was created, fully functional and inhabitable. Attempting to consider the question of origins without the essential belief in God is as futile as trying to discern the origin of the wedding wine without knowledge of the work of Jesus.

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