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February 28, 2004

The Hilltop Algorithm

The algorithms employed by Google to generate search results continue to be elusive. The notorious Florida update of 2003 changed certain dynamics of the evolving internet and led to wild speculation about the motives of Google's algorithm jocks. One of the most rational explanations for the change is the implementation of the Hilltop algorithm as described on SEORank. Here is an excerpt from the latter article:

The Hilltop algo calculates a ‘score of authority’ of web pages (over-simplified) as follows:
  • Run a normal search on the keyphrase to locate a ‘corpus’ of expert documents. The qualifying rules of ‘expert documents’ are stringent so the ‘corpus’ is a manageable number of web pages.
  • Filter affiliate* sites and duplicate sites from the experts list.
  • Pages are assigned a LocalScore of ‘authority’ based on number and quality of votes they get from these expert documents. Pages are then ranked based on their LocalScore.
vide an example of a beneficial mutation. He replied, "presumably a mutation that led to higher intelligence would be considered beneficial, that's all I'm saying."

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